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VisualGPSView (Freeware) is a new product that allows you to display graphically the output of your GPS receiver. VisualGPSView supports GPS and GLONASS NMEA 0183 sentences. Advanced feature included position plot, position scatter plot and averaging.
BeeLineGPS is a high performance Pocket PC cache navigation and management software tool. Import GPX files and manage thousands of waypoints with the advanced Waypoint Manger. View, manage and hunt geocaches with ease and confidence while having fun, a perfect paperless solution. BeeLineGPS also includes active waypoint technology where a waypoint can trigger a warning window for speed traps, safety cameras or play a sound byte while on a guided tour. Other features include waypoint averaging, altitude profiling and a comprehensive trip computer. BeeLineGPS is the ultimate GPS tool for your geocaching and outdoor needs.
The NMEATime application program will automatically set the PC clock to the time from the GPS receiver. Since GPS gets its time from GPS satellites, which are controlled and maintained by the US Naval Observatory, it�s most likely that the time from the GPS receiver is more accurate than the time on the PC.
VisualGPSXP is a general purpose utility for monitoring the output of a GPS receiver. Using the NMEA data from the GPS receiver, VisualGPSXP will display various statuses graphically. Tools such as a survey utility average the position and shows accuracy of the GPS receiver in a static application. Using analog instruments, VisualGPSXP will display speed, altitude, heading and vertical speed.
Using the NMEA serial protocol, VisualGPS graphically depicts various parameters found in the most common NMEA sentences. VisualGPS will also graphically show the wandering of SA (Selective Availability) found in GPS receivers. And finally, it's free!
 VisualGPSce is a simple NMEA logger for the Pocket PC 2002 platform. Its features include NMEA logging/playback, satellite signal quality, azimuth/elevation, analog gauges and simple position averaging.








BeeLineGPS is a high performance Pocket PC cache navigation and management software tool. Beta version available. For more information about BeeLineGPS, click here.